Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Biased Media Coverage is a Danger to Us All

Biased Media Coverage is a Danger to Us All 

The subpar performance of the POTUS by almost any measure is concealed well by the Main Stream Media. However the collusion and collaboration between the democrat party and the leftist media cabal poses a danger to freedom and the Republic. The agenda funded and foisted on the general public over the airwaves, directly or indirectly funded by the largess of the BIG Government, pushing big government's designs. Designs formulated at tax exempt foundations  by progressives who permeate academia and policy making organizations.
 Cairo 9/11/2012

Let's take a look at the weeks before the Embassy attacks and what will we find? Let's compare that to the Main Stream Media response.

Why is Obama skipping more than half of his daily intelligence meetings?
President Obama is touting his foreign policy experience on the campaign trail, but startling new statistics suggest that national security has not necessarily been the personal priority the president makes it out to be. It turns out that more than half the time, the commander in chief does not attend his daily intelligence meeting.... 
 Sure, he must be a busy man leading the free world. Now we look at two weeks in his schedule. I skipped convention week.

 Impressive Schedule. Then you remove half of the daily briefings from the schedule and maybe  there was even time to meet with the leader of Israel, for example.

Obama's White House Schedule


Mitt Romney on 09/12/2012 Formal Statement

News a few hours later
 Deadly embassy attacks were days in the making 
 by Sara Lynch and Oren Dorell, USA TODAY 09/12/2012
CAIRO --" Days of planning and online promotion by hard-line Islamist leaders helped whip up the mobs that stormed the U.S. Embassy in Egypt and launched a deadly attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya that killed an ambassador and three others.
As the U.S. tightened security worldwide at embassies and Libya's president apologized for the attack, details emerged of how the violence began, according to experts who monitor Egyptian media.
Christopher Stevens, 52, the U.S. ambassador to Libya, was killed, along with three other Americans, on Tuesday night when a mob of protesters and gunmen stormed the embassy in the eastern city of Benghazi.
The killings there followed demonstrations in front of Cairo's U.S. Embassy, where protesters tore down the U.S. flag and scaled the embassy's wall.
The protest was planned by Salafists well before news circulated of an objectionable video ridiculing Islam's prophet, Mohammed, said Eric Trager, an expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.
The protest outside the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was announced Aug. 30 by Jamaa Islamiya, a State Department-designated terrorist group, to protest the ongoing imprisonment of its spiritual leader, Sheikh Omar abdel Rahman. He is serving a life sentence in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center... "

The questions and the dogged pursuit of truth has the Main Stream Media asking all the right questions. Yes, it is about Mitt Romney's response
 to the predetermined partisan attack questions of the left-wing propaganda machine. 

No questions for the president on why marines weren't guarding our ambassador and embassy  from a predetermined attack. No questions on his golf and campaign schedule, or the fact that over 70 percent of all casualties in Afghanistan have happened in under 4 years of Barack Obama.  The classified leaks will be forgotten. The fact that Barack Obama is DIRECTLY responsible for the democracy project in the mideast and the embrace of the spread of 'democracy'  that led to chaos is not the subject. 

The media has their Dear Leader to elect. 

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