Sunday, November 29, 2015

Syrians: NBC's Chuck Todd Attacks Donald Trump

Sunday morning means it is time to watch Chuck Todd embarrass himself on Meet The Press.  Saying Chuck is biased and a hack is an understatement and today was no exception.  NBC, the same network that was caught "selectively editing" George Zimmerman's 911 call and was the home of the pathological liar Brian Williams as their nightly news anchor, still thinks the public views their news organization as credible. That brings us to the Trump interview this morning. Chick Todd's "fact check" of Donald Trump didn't go so well.

The Obama administration has no intention of telling the truth to the American public or working with a GOP Congress.  The 10,000 figure cited by this administration are just Syrian refugees resettled  under the UNHCR program. More importantly, this administration has lied about immigration, abused its executive powers and knowingly broken the law to further its agenda. The 'Syrian refugee' crisis was Obama's own making, just like the rules he thinks he only has to obey. In fact, Obama's public pledge of 100,000 refugees already exceeds his 2016 estimate of 85,000 he submitted to Congress in October. The change from 70,000 to 100,000 doesn't include even more Syrians? Is the new 'cap' believable?   Since the process of notification requires good faith estimates, the Obama administration is free to abuse this process as well. The report in full

Proposed Refugee Admissions for Fiscal Year 2016.

The attack on Trump by the media while giving Obama a free pass for 2 terms is a big reason for Donald Trump's appeal. He fights back.  The fact check by Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell was incomplete and  laughable at best.

The Democrats running for office want 65,000 per year and yet it would be impossible for this administration to be planning for even more or for Donald Trump to have been told about such a plan for 100,000 ?  If that number isn't believable, tell that to the Germans.

Germany now expects 1.5 million refugees in 2015

The attacks on Trump take many forms, but the tweets saying that Donald Trump was using a fake Obama tweet were priceless.

The tweet in question....