Thursday, November 26, 2015

Black Lives Matter & NAACP Spin Mob Attack on People Filming Protest, Shots Fired

Blacks lives matter and the race hustlers at the NAACP have been caught in another series of lies. Lies which they use to appear relevant and to push false narratives mutually beneficial to the Democratic party going into the 2016 election season. The 'occupation' of the 4th precinct police station in North Minneapolis is an obvious reincarnation of the Occupy Wall Street movement used by the Democrats in the 2012 election and involves a lot of the same players with a slightly new narrative. Class envy makes way for the race hustle.  The Democratic party's coalition of BIG labor and "social justice warriors'  need to keep their hyphenated-American zero information voting base energized and distracted enough to eagerly vote for the old rich white lady Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Black lives matter was born out of a 4 Pinocchio lie based on the "hands up, don't shoot' myth. A myth that the group was never held accountable for spreading that fomented arson and looting in Ferguson. 

Now the shooting of Jamar Clark in North Minneapolis  is being exploited by these race hustlers and proven liars. A brief explanation of the incident is in order.
The shooting happened after police said they were called to north Minneapolis at about 12:45 a.m. Sunday for a report of an assault. When they arrived, the man had returned and was interfering with paramedics who were assisting the victim, police said. Officers tried to calm him, but there was a struggle.

At some point, an officer fired at least once, hitting the man, police said.....
Jamar Clark was interfering with paramedics aiding the victim from a domestic assault he committed. He then proceeded to fight with police and was shot.  Yet the black lives matter and the NAACP spin machine would rather push false narratives and outright lies. The story has grown from an unarmed man handcuffed and shot execution style in the street to peaceful protesters being shot by white supremacists aided by the police.

Asian white supremacists ?  The other lies are easy to debunk as well. Too bad the left-leaning media wasn't interested in the truth either.

Dividing the country by race, religion, gender and income may benefit the Democratic party and their coalition but the lies and the tactics they use must be exposed to show how the Democrats will use any means necessary to achieve their goals and control the narrative. Narratives which are false and amplified by the complicit media. A media which has largely abdicated its responsibility as the fourth estate and is now a danger to the Republic as well.