Sunday, November 15, 2015

Barack Obama's ISIS Strategy Devolves

A weekend of spin from the White House on Barack Obama's comments about ISIS being 'contained' have only highlighted Obama's failures in every aspect of foreign policy. The "evolution" of Obama's approach to ISIS, or as he called them the 'jayvee team' are best summarized with these two articles.

First from the The New York Post
And just over a year later from the Daily Beast:

Obama's foreign policy is a product of his amateurism and willful ignorance. His failures are epic and numerous and ISIS is just the latest example. The 'containment' of ISIS is just a strategy to delay addressing the problems that arose from his failed 'arab spring' that included  Libya and his illegal war in Syria to topple Assad.  ISIS will now be the next President's problem as Barack Obama kicks the can of the caliphate down the road to avoid an appearance of losing yet another war in the Mideast and leaving the world a more dangerous and chaotic place compared to when he took office.

Barack Obama, a sophomoric bench-sitter when it comes to foreign policy and can't beat the 'jayvee team'