Wednesday, September 23, 2015

FBI Recovers Deleted Emails from Hillary Clinton's Homebrew Server

An excerpt from TheHill:
The FBI has recovered emails from the server that Hillary Clinton used while serving as secretary of State, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday evening, citing someone familiar with the investigation.
Bloomberg reported that federal investigators had recovered both work-related and personal emails from the server that the Democratic presidential candidate had said were deleted. 
The federal probe into classified information on the server will likely take several more months at least, the source told Bloomberg, adding that the agency was separating out personal emails. 
One government official told The New York Times that it had not been very difficult for the agency to recover the emails from the server, which Clinton gave to investigators in August. 
Clinton has said that she deleted about half of the 60,000 emails from her server that she and her aides deemed personal in nature, giving the State Department the rest for archiving.
The Washington Post reported

The Clintonistas at NBC News were careful with their words......

There have been so many lies told by Hillary Clinton about her email server it is easy to lose track. For your convenience, here is a quick link to 8 of them.
The 8 Times Clinton Told A Disproven Story About Her Emails

Hillary Clinton really doesn't feel the need to tell the truth or follow rules, let alone the law. 
Another 57 Clinton Email Threads Contain Classified Foreign Governments' Information

Barack Obama, his administration and Hillary Clinton always needed to cover-up the debacle in Benghazi by denying, dis-informing and delaying any investigation that will then be obfuscated and obstructed.
Judge scolds feds for slow-walking Clinton aide's emails

The zero information  hyphenated-Americans that comprise the Democratic voting base have never held their leaders or party members accountable for their misdeeds. In fact, it is identity politics as usual at the DNC.