Sunday, September 6, 2015

Democrats Distract From Hillary Clinton's Email Server Scandal Using Colin Powell

After years of stonewalling the Benghazi investigation, the Obama Administration's State Department that was led by Hillary Clinton was finally forced to produce some of the emails handed over from the private server by the former Secretary of State. FOIA requests and subpoenas were ignored as long as possible and half of the information was still destroyed by Hillary Clinton and her minions. The excuses and lies were numerous but pretending that her predecessors did the same thing is pathetic. The left leaning NBC's Meet the Press did their best to pretend that former Secretary of State under George W. Bush Colin Powell conducted his business much like Hillary Clinton without the uproar of course. An excerpt from is as follows:

Colin Powell: I used two computers at State
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Sunday he used two computers while leading the department, one for transmitting sensitive material and another for emailing “housekeeping stuff.” 
“I had a secure State Department machine for secure material and I had a laptop that I could use for email. I would email relatives, friends, but I would also email in the department,” Powell explained on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” 
“But it was mostly housekeeping stuff -- what’s the status of this paper, what’s going on here.”
Powell, a Republican who served in the George W. Bush administration, has spoken before about his two computers, and said he wrote an entire chapter about it in his book. 
But questions about Powell’s private email setup came as another former secretary of State, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, has struggled to answer questions about why she used a private email account while conducting official business.

Colin Powell wasn't running his own PRIVATE email server and the same rules didn't apply to his use of email at the time.  The attempts to distract from the unethical and illegal conduct of Hillary Clinton by the media is disappointing and disgusting.  Just as the mostly left leaning media sought to protect Barack Obama at any cost so it must protect Hillary Clinton and her conduct under Obama, the liar in chief. The Obama legacy and the Hillary Clinton  run for POTUS 2016 are virtually intertwined and the compliant and complicit media will predictably assist in the obstruction and obfuscation by the Obama administration and the former of Secretary of State

Why would Powell make the rounds?  He voted for Obama twice and isn't a conservative....

Hillary Intentionally Originated And Distributed Highly Classified Information

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