Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Media Ignores Obama & Romney call for REAL Fact-Check in the Debate over G.M.

Another Fact-Check Fail by the LEFT
McClatchy Writes

Facts and fiction in foreign policy debate

President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney traded barbs on foreign policy Monday night, dueling over everything from military spending to Middle East events to how best to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.
In the last of three high-stakes presidential debates, not everything they said at Lynn University in the Florida beach city of Boca Raton squared with reality. Here’s a fact check of some of what they said:

Strange the Main Stream Media wouldn't fact-check the part of the debate where BOTH candidates ask to actually check their statements. Where else in the entire debate did they call for another?   Turns out the GM OpEd statement made by Romney was CORRECT and Obama was caught in ANOTHER Flat-out LIE.  Here is the Video and quotes from the Times Op Ed.  


The Hill Fails to Fact Check or run a column on the GM Statement. Obama's remarks go unchallenged and this is the best The Hill.com can do   Obama: 'We might not have an auto industry’ if Romney had been president  They dont even challenge the remarks. Again, Both candidates say check the facts.

Of course the propagandists at @MSNBC at the Maddow Blog ran with this disinformation piece.    Setting the record straight on the auto rescue

In a debate in which many of the disputes are subjective, it's nice to have an argument in which there's an objective truth. Romney told viewers last night that his position was that American auto makers "can get government help and government guarantees" as part of the bankruptcy process.
Depending on how generous one is inclined to be, this is either a lie or a stunning case of "Romnesia."
Jonathan Cohn, who's done some great reporting on the auto rescue in recent years, noted Romney's condemnation during the Republican primaries of using public funds for the industry. Here's what Romney said during a debate in late 2011:
"My view with regards to the bailout was that whether it was by President Bush or by President Obama, it was the wrong way to go. I said from the very beginning they should go through a managed bankruptcy process, a private bankruptcy process. We have capital markets and bankruptcy. ... My plan, we would have had a private sector bailout with the private sector restructuring and bankruptcy with the private sector guiding the direction as opposed to what we had with government playing its heavy hand."
As a substantive matter, this didn't make any sense -- capital markets were frozen at the height of the crisis, and the money simply wasn't there. It was either the government or nothing. Last night, Romney argued the opposite of his position, saying he supported auto makers getting "government help."
By any measure, this isn't just a flip-flop; it's failing to tell the truth about a flip-flop.
And in terms of political salience, all of this only serves as a reminder to the nation -- most notably some folks in Ohio -- that if Romney had his way, the American auto industry would have collapsed, waiting for private investment that would have never come.
Red Herring and Strawmen. MSNBC  gets caught with yet another piece of propaganda. First, they don't even reference the NYTimes Op Ed piece from the debate that the EDITORS TITLED.  Let Detroit Go Bankrupt   or even mention that Fiat took over Chrysler in the frozen capital market. The Main Stream Media and Barack Obama don't dwell in facts or truths, they perpetuate lies and push agendas.

TARP Overseer Neil Barofsky on Bailouts & Obama
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