Saturday, October 6, 2012

Democrat Voter Fraud - The Usual Suspects and Connections

Voter fraud complaint filed against Fla. Democrats

Oct. 5 8:27 PM EDT
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida officials are reviewing allegations of voter registration fraud against the state Democratic Party.
The Florida Department of State on Friday confirmed that it has forwarded complaints about alleged voter registration fraud against the Democrats and two other groups to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The groups are the Florida New Majority Education Fund and  the National Council of La Raza/Democracia USA.
Neither state agency would comment on the extent of the allegations or on how many voter registration forms it involves.
A party spokeswoman said the Democrats were unaware of any complaints that they had registered someone who was ineligible. Spokesman Brannon Jordan said party volunteers go through extensive training.
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement earlier this week launched an investigation into alleged fraud involving a company hired by the state's Republican Party.
Florida New Majority Education Fund - Florida New Majority (FNM) is a 501©4 organization that organizes, educates, and mobilizes communities in Florida to win equity and fairness throughout the state. Founded in 2009, FNM overcomes the history of racism and division in the Sunshine State.  *Search results for funding information on this group is almost nonexistent. 
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What does NMEF stand for?
New Majority Education Fund (now National Open Ballot Project)

 The Working
Families Organization
’s 2009 lobbying records also demonstrate relationships
among the Party, the Organization and the Progressive America Fund—and not just
through what were, until recently, common offices.
One of the
two branches of the Fund is the Center for Working Families, a think tank
founded in 2006 with co-directors Deirdre Schifeling, a former deputy director
of the Party and listed lobbyist of the Organization, and Lisa Donner, a former
Service Employees International Union and ACORN staffer.
 The other
branch of the Progressive America Fund is the National Open Ballot Project.

Feel free to follow the the trails back to the same ACORN and usual suspects. Connections to Bertha Lewis, SEIU and the progressive collective

The leftist-racist-organization La Raza should need no introduction.  In the Spanish language the term Raza translates to "race"  Yes, the group is titled "the race". This group represents Illegal and FRAUD at many levels hence their alliance and allegiance to the Democrat Party, the party of corruption. Obama conveniently didn't pass immigration to benefit 'the racists' in his first term with the intention of using this voter block for REELECTION.  Judging by poll results, the pawns are following right along and are expected to disproportionately back Obama. La Raza needs the racecard, so does Barack Obama and the Democrats. The great DIVIDERS. Supporters of Obama fund the RACEHUSTLE 2012

The left wing  allegations of widespread fraud by the Republicans in Florida. The outrage that the Republicans 'intentionally' hired that company to commit voter fraud.  Less than a week later, the Democrat voter fraud machine and direct part of the coalition has been exposed yet again, with little to ZERO coverage in the mainstream media.

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