Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ron Paul- Time to PAC it up and MOVEON-You arent Republican, just a MEME

C4L PAC letter
I have tweeted for months about the connections of Ron Paul and the MEME of Anonymous/Guy Fawkes. Paul supporters shared demographics and goals with Occupy Wall Street. The vagueness of the message and circus atmosphere  OWS exhibited provided  a great distraction from the ANON videos that lay dormant or relatively unviewed on youtube. If we follow the money a connection is easy to find. If I could find it, why couldnt the media or opposition research. That is a concern of a different level for a different day.

First the PAC that works with Ron Paul is Campaign for Liberty. I will enclose a jpeg of two letters. The first will show Ron Paul works with the PAC of C4L. The next jpegs show different levels of coordination with 

Moveon was already very active with Occupy Wall Street so this really got my attention. This is where the numerous amounts of ANON videos that litter the internet will provide us with some more details. Details, like dates.

Anonymous Message To Monsanto; We fight for farmers! Video

 We see from the CNN video that it is 2007, a year before ANONYMOUS started as "hacktivists" HuffPO Looking a little deeper, we find that C4L was not only youttube savy, but reliant on the leverage it provided. The Anonymous MEME 1.0 I will embed a copy of this video.
organized, professional youtubers

Script Kiddy-ops in action for a year

 So we now know that C4L works with moveon and is the ANON MEME.  While Ron Paul was trying to run for President again. MoveON used this chance to win the next election for Barack Obama. Only a Republican arguing for military cuts would be accepted, and finding an anti-wall street Republican candidate was just icing on the cake. Now President Obama could increase social spending without a budget, and the military will take dollar for dollar cuts  with an inflated social spending budget. If you are going to decrease spending, increase it first. It is easier that way to get reeclected  The memes for Ron Paul werent limited to the left either. The far right had a meme that fit into the Ron Paul 2012 theme also. Target JPMorgan specifically this time.

This also seemed timed with another interesting campaign to target JPMorgan by the Service Employees International Union #SEIU

Six Kinds of Libertarians-From the perspective of an avid Ron Paul supporter.

AVAAZ Petition

                                         Anon/Guy Fawkes Videos - The name of a studio is....
                                         The production on many of the videos is professional.

The Devil is in the details. The Zeitgeist video signage is missing 99 percent of their argument. Spontaneous? The left really has coordinated well with Ron Paul using Occupy Wall Street. Their goals really are the same. End the Republican Party. Think Global, Act Local.

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