Saturday, February 25, 2017

Tom Perez Elected DNC Chairman to Lead Divided Democrats

A brief excerpt from Politico t
ATLANTA — Tom Perez, the former Labor secretary for President Barack Obama, was elected as the Democratic National Committee’s new chairman on Saturday, replacing interim chair Donna Brazile after a rollicking four-month race and a chaotic final day of voting. 
Party members landed on a decision on who should be in charge of Democrats’ official party apparatus after two rounds of balloting. With 218 votes necessary to win, the final tally was 235 votes for Perez and 200 votes for Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison.
Immediately after taking over, Perez moved to name Ellison his deputy chairman, aiming to unify a divided party.
 Ellison supporters got the participation trophy under the guise of unity:
When Perez won, Ellison backers erupted in anger, chanting “Party of the people, not big money!” But that fury turned to relief and big smiles as Ellison took the deputy chair title.
The Democratic Party is split so who are the two candidates. First, Tom Perez is the race-hustling, TPP backing, BIG BANK loving, Clinton supporting,  Bernie back stabbing neo-liberal corporate globalist hack that gets to lead the DNC.  Perez in screenshots:

In an effort to unite the party, Perez selected Ellison as his deputy chairman. Who is Keith X Ellison? Keith X is the Hamas' terror front group CAIR and Muslim brotherhood backed MN Congressman that has ties to the hate group Nation of Islam which is led by Louis Farrakhan.  Keith X's troublesome ties from his past and present raise concerns among most if not all average Americans. That is why Keith X prefers to hide behind the progressive label and backed Bernie Sanders, the 'democratic socialist'. Whether it is ties to Islamic terror front groups, the communist party USA and their affiliates Keith X has it covered.  How will the two factions really get along, even against a common enemy named Donald J. Trump is really anyones guess. Here is a little bit more about Keith X and his backers such as Hamas' Council on American-Islamic Realstions (CAIR) and the Muslim Brotherhood in screenshots and video.

A little more insight into the 'progressive' Democratic Party. The green and the red unite ...

The Democratic Party of this century is no place for an independent or 'liberal' voter.