Sunday, February 19, 2017

Obama Admin Intel Community 'Overlooks' Hillary Campaign Secret Meeting With China But Targets General Flynn

The false narrative of the Russians and Trump continue in the Media in many variations. The only thing they have in common besides Russophobia/Neo-McCarthyism is there is never any real evidence. The amount of network time dedicated to the Trump and Russian nonsense is astounding. Yet, the questions of the motivation of the 'sources' won't be explored since there is no script to follow.

Yet, I have a simple question to ask. Why did the Obama Administration intelligence apparatus not leak the fact that the Hillary campaign was meeting with the Chinese communists during the election, yet President's Trump's calls to Mexico and Australia were leaked while General Michael Flynn's call to the Russian Ambassador were leaked in a way to continue the false Trump & Russia connection? Connecting Trump and Putin "bromance" was a Clinton campaign strategy that was helped along by the Obama administration and the Intelligence community.

Are the Chinese communists actions in the Pacific any less of a threat than Russia? No, if fact they are more of a threat. Read the Clinton/China emails for yourself.
Notice the CC: Podesta, Sullivan and more ...

The Obama administration and his intelligence community needs to be investigated and prosecuted along with the Hillary campaign and the Clinton Foundation as well.