Friday, September 2, 2016

Things Hillary Clinton couldn’t recall in her FBI interview

This Friday news dump includes the FBI notes from the Hillary Clinton private email server investigation. Hillary is unable to recall things that would prove her actions were intentional...

The many things Hillary Clinton couldn’t recall in her FBI interview

In the three hours-plus that Hillary Clinton spoke with FBI investigators about her private email server on July 2, she cited more than three-dozen things that she could not recall. 
Among them were things such as specific emails that perhaps nobody could be expected to remember years later, but Clinton also said she had no recollection of several key moments when it came to her email server, including briefings on how to handle classified information and key conversations about her server. 
In at least one case, according to documents released Friday by the FBI, Clinton said she could not recall every briefing she had received after a 2012 concussion, which later led to a blood clot in her head. 

"Clinton stated she received no instructions or direction regarding the preservation or production of records from [the] State [Department] during the transition out of her role as secretary of state in 2013," the report says. "However, in December of 2012, Clinton suffered a concussion and then around the New Year had a blood clot. Based on her doctor’s advice, she could only work at State for a few hours a day and could not recall every briefing she received." 
The language doesn't make clear whether Clinton was blaming her concussion for being unable to recall specific briefings and, if so, during which specific time period. The concussion and blood clot were well-publicized at the time. 
Among the other things Clinton could "not recall" or "did not remember," according to the summary of her interview with the FBI: (video)
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The many things Hillary Clinton couldn’t recall in her FBI interview

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