Friday, September 2, 2016

Overdosed: Obama Administration Failures Profit the Players

Headlines appear weekly, if not daily around the United States about 'opioid abuse' which is just more political correctness for a junky or addict. A pleasure seeker that funds torture and terrorism for tar  These  'victims' were created by this administration's policies and actions in the poppy fields of Afghanistan and inaction along the U.S. /  Mexican border.

Mexican Drugs Enter U.S. at Record Rates, Western States “Heroin Transit Zone”

The junkies are buying ever increasing amounts of  heroin from the Mexican drug cartels which derive their product from opium. The opium trade enriches the Taliban. The use of Narcan supports executives and shareholders at drug makers. Executives whose parents might be politically connected. .

We can't talk about money and drugs without mentioning guns.  The Obama administration's connection to the Mexican drug cartels is a matter of public record. This administration helped arm the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico during Operation Fast and Furious.  Coincidentally, the Sinaloa Cartel controls the heroin and cocaine trade in Chicago. Obama's adopted home town.

Conveniently, the increasing gun violence in Mexico was used by the Obama administration  to call for more gun control in the United States.

Creating the problems is what community organizers do. Chaos and the opportunity of crisis.