Sunday, April 19, 2015

Media Targets Ted Cruz, Fails Miserably

Another smear piece disguised as journalism. The headline says it all.

The GOP's Daddy issues

Who is the main target of the story? Well, Ted Cruz, of course.  The 'news' article starts....
There are not many people who once fought on the same side as Fidel Castro and are now heroes to American social conservatives. 
But that is exactly the trajectory taken by Rafael Cruz, father of 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). 
The elder Cruz now regrets his fight on the side of the pro-Castro rebels in his native Cuba, ascribing it to dislike of Castro’s arch-enemy, U.S.-backed President Fulgencio Batista, rather than any sympathy for Communism.

Rafael has travelled a complicated path in the United States, encompassing two divorces, business reversals and a second career as a preacher. 
But it is his red-hot rhetoric that appalls liberal groups and enthuses social conservatives.

That, in turn, makes his son one of three GOP hopefuls this year whose relationships with their fathers bring complicated political dynamics.
Smearing the POTUS candidate Republican Senator Ted Cruz by using the 'sins of his father' is low, but even the implication of Ted Cruz's father as a communist rebel is even lower.  Considering the fact that Ted Cruz's father fled Cuba in 1957 and never returned when Fidel Castro gained power is important, but the fact that is most important is this factoid.
By the time Castro formally declared Cuba a socialist state on May 1, 1961(24) and proclaimed himself a "Marxist-Leninist" in a televised speech on December 2, 1961,(25) communist power in Cuba had been consolidated.
Math and the truth aren't readily used by the smear merchants on the left, but these facts speak for themselves.  Ted Cruz's father, Rafael, fought against Batista in Cuba and not for communist Castro.  The media was silent on Barack Obama's marxist parent's politics, silent on his mentor Frank Marshall Davis's communist party membership and his writings for communist newspapers were conveniently  'overlooked' by the media.

The 'mainstream media' never vetted Barack Obama and protected him while he was in office. Their bias and contempt for anything Republican or conservative is regularly on display and the elections in 2016 is already  a race to the bottom for these so-called journalists.  Is there any doubt that the fourth estate is really the fifth column in our once great Republic ?

1995 Video: Obama Praises Communist Mentor Frank Marshall Davis
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"Frank" is mentioned throughout Obama's book. Curiously, in the abridged audio version of Dreams from My Father released in 2005, the year Obama began his Senate career, all mentions of his mentor were scrubbed.