Friday, April 17, 2015

Barack Obama's Embarrassing Pick for Attorney General, Yet Again

 The GOP controlled Senate was ready to pass a human trafficking bill when the Democrats said the GOP tricked them on abortion language in the bill, followed by the laughable defense that the Democrats didn't read the bill before passing it out of committee. Stalling the bill has led to a delay in consideration of Obama's next pick for Attorney General, Loretta Lynch.

WASHINGTON — Senators on Thursday reopened negotiations on a stalled bill to combat human trafficking, while bickering intensified among Democrats and Republicans, and even the White House, over the stalemate that has ensnared the attorney general nomination of Loretta E. Lynch.

Barack Obama's candidate to be the next attorney general of the United States, replacing the disgraced Eric Holder, is an embarrassment in, and of itself  Of course, that is not how Barack Obama will spin it......

Obama calls Senate inaction on attorney general 'embarrassing'

President Obama on Friday vented his frustration over the delay in confirming his attorney general pick Loretta Lynch, calling the Senate’s handling of her nomination “embarrassing.”

The lying and contemptuous Attorney General lied and covered up arming the Mexican Drug Cartels in Operation Fast and Furious, lied and covered up spying on the press and the citizens of the United States, fomented race riots in Ferguson Missouri that led to the execution of 2 cops in NYC and acted as a rubber stamp for Barack Obama's abuse of executive power. A normal, thinking person and patriot would be embarrassed and alarmed by these actions of America's 'top cop', of course, Barack Obama is NOT.

What kind of person would Obama choose to replace his disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder? Well, that person is Loretta Lynch.

Among the more than questionable conduct of Loretta Lynch, the HSBC scandal stands out.

Will HSBC Deal Come Back to Haunt Loretta Lynch?
Deal to save HSBC's American office looks very bad in retrospect
Three years ago, then-U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District of New York Loretta Lynch crafted a soft-touch deferred-prosecution deal for Europe's largest bank, HSBC, which had only been caught in the largest drug-money-laundering case in history.

Loretta Lynch confirmation as attorney general dogged by HSBC scandal
Opposition to Obama’s nominee mounts after Lynch admits she did not hear from key regulators when deciding not to prosecute bank for money laundering
Opposition to Barack Obama’s nominee for US attorney general over her handling of the HSBC scandal is growing in Congress after she admitted deciding not to prosecute the bank for money laundering offences without hearing from key regulators or a separate investigation into tax secrecy.
There is a lot more to the HSBC scandal and even Loretta Lynch's handling of other cases, but the biggest concern over Lynch's appointment as AG concerns her ability to act in the best interest of the country  not as a protector of the POTUS and a rubber stamp for his agenda.

The tiresome, shrill cries of the left of racism or sexism for the delay or failure to vote on Loretta Lynch was a  predictable distraction from the candidate's troubling history and testimony.  Loretta Lynch should not be America's top cop.