Saturday, January 10, 2015

Leftists Protest Vermont Scrapping 'Medicare for All' Single-Payer Healthcare

The coalition protests the Governor interrupting plans for a complete takeover of healthcare by the government in their state of Vermont. Single-payer means 'Medicare For All'  First some background on the recent changing of his mind about single payer....

Why single payer died in Vermont

12/20/14 9:30 AM EST
Vermont was supposed to be the beacon for a single-payer health care system in America. But now its plans are in ruins, and its onetime champion Gov. Peter Shumlin may have set back the cause.

Advocates of a “Medicare for all” approach were largely sidelined during the national Obamacare debate. The health law left a private insurance system in place and didn’t even include a weaker “public option” government plan to run alongside more traditional commercial ones.

So single-payer advocates looked instead to make a breakthrough in the states. Bills have been introduced from Hawaii to New York; former Medicare chief Don Berwick made it a key plank of his unsuccessful primary race for Massachusetts governor.

Vermont under Shumlin became the most visible trailblazer. Until Wednesday, when the governor admitted what critics had said all along: He couldn’t pay for it.

“It is not the right time for Vermont” to pass a single-payer system, Shumlin acknowledged in a public statement ending his signature initiative. He concluded the 11.5 percent payroll assessments on businesses and sliding premiums up to 9.5 percent of individuals’ income “might hurt our economy.”

Vermont’s outcome is a “small speed bump,” said New York Assembly member Richard Gottfried, who’s been pushing single-payer bills for more than 20 years. But opponents says it’s the end of the road.

“If cobalt blue Vermont couldn’t find a way to make single-payer happen, then it’s very unlikely that any other state will,” said Jack Mozloom, spokesman for the National Federation of Independent Business.

“There will never be a good time for a massive tax increase on employers and consumers in Vermont, so they should abandon that silly idea now and get serious,” Mozloom added.
Single Payer Healthcare Protesters target the Gov. of Vermont

The sense of betrayal from single-payers’ most passionate advocates after Shumlin’s announcement was palpable, particularly as he had tied his own political persona to the idea. “It is time to put the interests of patients first, ahead of political expedience,” said Andrew Coates, president of Physicians for a National Health Care Program. Single-payer is “the only reform that will cover everyone, save lives and save money. Mr. Shumlin, of all our nation’s governors, knows this well.”
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Betrayal is a form of Grubered. The coalition of leftist activists protest the inauguration of the new Governor. The following video shows the usual tactics of the left. Occupation,and obstruction are methods promoted by the SEIU, the chants are because leftism is a cult.

Obamacare was based on deception and lies.

And your STUPIDITY and your......

Gruber wasn't really involved with Obamacare?

Obama knew the whole time that MILLIONS would lose their healthcare because of Obamacare.

Then again, Obamacare is just a means to and end, single payer... by any means necessary.