Sunday, January 18, 2015

Protesters Face Backlash After I-93 Sit-In

The professional protesters of the left brought their false narratives and street theater to the interstate on Thursday.  

Protests on I-93 Cause Major Traffic Delays; 29 Arrested Staff | 01.15.15 | 7:50 AM 
Protesters shut down I-93 Northbound at East Milton Square and I-93 Southbound in the Medford-Somerville area during the Thursday morning commute causing major traffic backups, according to Massachusetts State police. 
Police reported that 29 people from the protest were arrested whileMassDOT said all lanes at the Milton scene were again open to traffic by 10:00 a.m. 
The protest was organized by the Boston contingent of the group Black Lives Matter, according to an Associated Press report. In a statement posted Thursday morning on the group’s Facebook page, the protest was held “to ‘disrupt business as usual’ and protest police and state violence against Black people.”
The protesters: Well off, white, almost 30 and lives with their parents.  Stereotype or reality? Meet backlash.

The leftist collective is prepping for the 2016 elections. Activating and training  their useful idiots and refining their tactics will be useful in the many months ahead.  The previous marches exposed the coalition and unmasked most of the supporters already.

Behind the March - Anti-Police Protests Backed by Communists, Race Hustlers & More

We have seen them all before as Occupy Wall Street, the 'progressive' left's useful idiots financed by Soros, BIG Labor under many different banners, almost like socialist shell corporations.

Who are the protesters?