Monday, April 23, 2012

Iran and Occupy Wall Street - Fascism and Marxism Ally

The Leftist run Main Stream Media can continue to pretend that Occupy Wall Street is patriotic and grassroots. The overwhelming evidence points in the exact opposite direction. Global leftists are masters of doublespeak making their control of the flow of information through regular media and attempts to dominate social media concerning. Friends of the left and crony capitalists spread their message for profit and control. However, superior tactics by leaders in the new conservative awakening, like Andrew Breitbart among others, have used the LEFT's tools of propaganda to expose the progressives as FRAUDs and a danger to the country. Occupy is anti-Israel and has ecomarxist foundations, making a coalition with the Islami-facscists a natural fit in their effort to dewesternize the globe.

Occupy Wall Street Embraces Iran and "democracy", Rejects Israel and The USA 

The video explains the American Political Spectrum and some misconceptions

The allegiance and alliance of the Leftist can be best explained in THEIR own words.

Howard Zinn talks about Anarchy mixed with Marxism, the new left

Francis Fox Piven - Stephen Lerner (SEIU) talk Occupy Wall Street on Democracy NOW

US Professors supporting Occupy Wall Street go to Tehran, Iran to talk OWS

More from Occupy Wall Street in Tehran, Iran

Iranian scholars talk Occupy Wall Street and end of the Western Culture

I have written in previous blogs about the propaganda and techniques used by Occupy Wall Street to further their agenda, this was just another peek at some more of the international players meddling in our internal affairs as part of their coalition. OWS is  aiding and abetting the enemy.

Three Things About Islam


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