Sunday, March 11, 2012

Occupy, the Coverage has been Comical

The Media's guide to protestors 
Times person of the year.

 Without recycling cliche' and writing about the coverage of occupy Wall Street and the propaganda machine behind it, I thought it was time for a "comic" look at occupy and the left.

Times Person of the Year. Teaparty didnt make the list in 2010

 I wonder what the press would find if they bothered to report on the occupy movement

What is going to happen when they run out of scapegoats on the right?
 Hollywood, the music industry, the schools push the same agenda.
 Occupy, Many messages hide the hate.
 Anarchy and Class War-
 You cite the wealthy have increased their wealth 270 percent in the last 30 years. Education has gone up over 300 percent. Protest Academia.
 Glad you hate capitalism and freedom. Your alliance with Islamafacism and the Arab Spring wasn't that surprising. They hate America too.

Amazing what the press covers. High Unemployment, No Budget
 If you really had a clue Occupiers, you would have been in the streets when the teaparty sprang into action. Proving again that Occupy is a fraud.
The Anon hacker meme will make you legit. Get the Flock out of here.

We watch this movie clip from 1970 about a "direct action" at a college university. We hear the arguments rehashed by Occupy today. Just a bit rescripted  by the likes of Joseph Stiglitz Occupy Wall Street - Scripted by Global Banking Interests 

If just requires a few bad actors from the new left.

Occupy, get the picture?  The Attack on Scott Olsen @ Occupy Oakland - Propaganda or MORE?

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