Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Atlas Project- Unions Soros and Dems

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Impressive Democratic Power Coalition

My investigation of Occupy Wall Street lead to a few strange places.  The Atlas Project Advisory Board

Jon Youngdahl is the Chief of Staff at SEIU. He was the union’s National Political Director, leading an aggressive effort to bolster President Obama’s campaign and pass health care reform. He has been a top political organizer for years.

  • Mary Beth Cahill co-founded The Atlas Project after running John Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2004. (For over five years, she served as Executive Director of SOROS's  EMILY's List, the nation's largest political action committee). She served in the Clinton Administration and as Chief of Staff to Congressman Barney Frank and Senator Ted Kennedy. She currently serves as Director of the Washington Office and Assistant to the President for the United Auto Workers.
  • Monica Dixon is a general consultant for Monica Dixon Consulting and is helping lead Majority PAC, a super-PAC created to aid Senate Democrats in 2012. She served as the Deputy Chief of Staff to former Vice President Al Gore.
  • Maria Echaveste served as assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff for President Clinton and Director of Public Liaison at the White House. She is currently a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and a co-founder of the Nueva Vista Group, a policy, legislative strategy and advocacy group working with non-profit and corporate clients.

A few samples from the board. Soros, SEIU and the Democratic Party at Atlas Project that sells election products and services. Now examine the clients and partner list. Atlas Project Partner List

All the talk from the progressives about the ALEC, Citizen's United and the Rush Limbaugh boogeyman will garner all the MSM attention. I will follow the real power and money.  The Atlas Project, among others, has my attention.

Jon Youngdahl, SEIU Chief of Staff    ATLAS PROJECT

"I think of Atlas as our roadmap for winning: it provides us with a high quality set of strategic products and services that allows us to succeed at the ballot box and on Capitol Hill."

"Atlas provides reliable, comprehensive data that allows us to plan efficiently and make informed strategic decisions that help us elect candidates up and down the ticket who support working families."
Karen Ackerman, AFL-CIO Former Political Director

The Atlas Project
888 16th Street NW, Suite 333
Washington, DC 20006

The Media Fund, which was partially funded by billionaire George Soros and led by former Bill Clinton aide Harold M. Ickes and EMILY’s List President Ellen Malcolm, agreed to pay the fine to settle charges it illegally spent more than $53 million in the run-up to Election Day 2004.

America Coming Together

The FEC had already fined a number of major 527s for illegal spending during the 2004 elections, including the Democratic-leaning groups MoveOn.org Voter Fund and the George Soros-backed America Coming Together,

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