Friday, February 3, 2012

Mitt Romney - The GOP and Selective Amnesia

Conservatives, your math, facts and constitutional arguments wont matter at all in the next election . The state of the economy and performance of the incumbent democrat wont even be a factor for the average progressive or independent voter. Conservatives will be characterized as rich, white, racist and religious. To counter that, the GOP wants to pick Mitt Romney.  He is rich, white. religious and the race-baiting JOKERS will hint, a racist.  President Obama will win reelection and the Republican establishment seems eager to help. Why do the Republicans seem to step in the most obvious of traps?

Causes of Amnesia
The new left supported an attack on the right flank with Ron Paul and the left with Occupy Wall Street. The Democrats always seem to control the message.  Ron Paul's liberalatarian fringe coalition has the Republicans attacking each other over free markets, capitalism and talking drastic cuts in the military.  That positioning makes Obama appear as more centrist and capable on national defense and identifies the liberaltarians as the constitutionalists and masters of finance. The Republicans are left to argue morality based on their most personal beliefs. An argument that an atheist or "intellectual" feels they win every time.

The GOP has failed in countering this messaging and mission as they eagerly throw the Tea Party into the Potomac for positive media coverage and a piece of the Ron Paul voter block.  Romney, Ron Paul Forging Unlikely Alliance If the RNC allows the Ron Paul meme  to succeed as a champion of the right and Obama as a moderate voice, the Republicans will lose their relevance as an organization on the right or based on constitutional principles. The GOP must focus  the message on spending as the NUMBER ONE problem we face to be honest and effective. Common sense will have to trump the race card being played on the MSM on a daily basis. Fighting stereotypes and caricatures is a thankless battle as a supporter of the GOP.  Choosing a candidate that the rank and file support will help me remember why I vote Republican.

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