Monday, November 14, 2016

Carbon Emissions Flat in Last 3 Years

In another blow to the climate alarmists, the link between carbon and climate change is broken again.  The word play of 'man made' climate change is interspersed with 'contributes to' climate change. Word play is all that the democrats, the self-professed party of science,  can really muster.  Reading the article from @AP is entertaining because the article further proves that the experts are CLUELESS about anything climate.

Here is the link to the article   if you really need to read past the opening line.....
Worldwide emissions of heat-trapping carbon dioxide have flattened out in the past three years, a new study showed Monday, raising hopes that the world is nearing a turning point in the fight against climate change.
If rising temperatures aren't in direct correlation with rising CO2 levels, surely the latest emphasis on methane (cow farts) will be the latest 'contributor' or 'cause' of  climate change as well.  There are only two facts in regards to climate. The climate has always changed and the people that run government always lie. The merging of the interests of green marxism and green cronyism at the U.N. is a freakshow.  Exiting the Paris climate scam that relies on billions of dollars from the United States is the first step back towards sanity.

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