Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Missing State Dept Video on Iran Nuclear Deal 'Reappears'

Missing State Department tape on Iran nuclear deal reappears
excerpt from The Washington Examiner
The State Department has restored a video of a 2013 press briefing in which a spokeswoman seems to admit that the government may have lied about when the Iran nuclear talks began. 
Monday night, the video was missing several minutes of an exchange between Fox News reporter James Rosen, and former State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki. 
In that exchange, Rosen asked if it's ever the policy of the department to lie in order to preserve secrecy, and she seemed to agree.

That section of the video was suddenly discovered to be missing just days after Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told the New York Times that the talks started in 2011, not in 2013 as the Obama administration first said.
The State Department may have restored the December 2, 2013  video on their website but their youtube video posted on December 4th shows the edit most likely happened long ago. Closed captioning of the Rosen exchange still remains around the  27 minute mark.....

Obama's State Department Caught Covering their LIES by using the DELETE button ...
The State Department youtube video now includes a link to the transcript and restored video near the point of edit.

Read more: The transcript, a link to the captioned, yet edited video and the rest of the story ...
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