Thursday, October 22, 2015

Barack Obama Defends Black Lives Matter

Barack Obama, the divider in chief, is a joker that can only play the race card. His career as a 'community organizer' was just practice for his future in identity politics. His two terms in office have been disastrous domestically and internationally but his divisiveness at home with Al Sharpton as his 'race ambassador' and the Dept. of Justice as his attack dogs that he unleashed on police departments across the country have harmed us all. The racial strife in Ferguson and Baltimore includes arson, looting and   rioting.   Actions and misdeeds that further inspired violence against police across the country.  First, an excerpt from TheHill

Obama defends Black Lives Matter
President Obama on Thursday delivered a vigorous defense of the Black Lives Matter movement, which has been criticized by some for its exclusive focus on African-Americans and aggressive tactics. 
The president said Black Lives Matter activists are focusing on problems that exist only in black communities, such as routine police brutality, calling it a “legitimate issue that we’ve got to address.”

The African-American community is not just making this up,” Obama said during a forum on criminal justice reform hosted by The Marshall Project. “It is real, and there is a history behind it and we have to take it seriously.” 
Obama pointed out that many critics were quick to blame the Black Lives Matter movement for fomenting anti-police sentiment. But he said it’s true purpose is to raise concerns about issues related to practices like stop-and-frisk and the use of excessive force.
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Even Obama's DOJ concluded that 'hands up, don't shoot " was a lie that started in Ferguson but that didn't stop the leftist freaks in politics, entertainment and sports from pushing the false narrative about the 'gentle giant'.  The Michael Brown incident proved how invested this administration was in the race hustle and how far it would go to stoke the flames of black racism and hate.

Obama's DOJ and even the left leaning Washington Post called out the Ferguson 4 Pinocchio lie, but that won't stop "black lives matter'  from continuing on peddling more nonsense eagerly backed the the media and supported by the usual suspects on the left.  Now that election 2016 is approaching, the lily white Democratic POTUS candidates must find a way to turn out the black vote and this is just the vehicle.  Black LIES do matter.

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