Thursday, September 12, 2013

Obamabots Permeate News Site Comment Sections

Posting comments on news sites is something I do on a regular basis. I have always followed  politics and current events and never really looked for media bias. The extent of the bias should be the news.

The late Michael Hastings talks about 'covering' Obama and more

The bias of reporters and news organizations is well known and it even permeates their comment sections of their news stories. Some sites are moderated, but all have a group of trolls. The battle for the political narrative will be won at any cost by the left. These trolls, which I call Obamabots, have
THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of posts. Their disqus accounts are almost always locked for privacy so you cannot see the followers and who they are  following. These Obamabots are easy to spot.

At McClatchy News the 2 most active members are responsible for 8 percent of the total posts. The usual MO is to target the conservative poster as a 'teabagger'. The usual argument style is to deflect and project.  The up arrows or likes also show who liked or up voted the posts.

Trolls  travel in packs and appear to use sockpuppet accounts too. These 2  I call  McClatchy  Muppets.  Using a hyperlink to source or a youtube video to prove your point is reported as 'spam' and the leftist moderator deletes your comment. If they complain enough, you will be banned. If you comment on and post similar screenshots, you will be banned.  Here is an old thread that shows the one sided 'moderated' comment section.    Is it Syria or Obama? GOP turning anti-war

Posts appear as new comments (time stamp), and the Obamabots posts will already be  liked or voted up already. The frequency to which that happens is worth noting when commenting or replying on an article. It is usually wise to not feed the trolls. 


Each website is infested with trolls and sockpuppets. . The Hill is no exception. The Obamabots there go by a few different names, but Dumbfuckistan and Francis are the most prolific, and lame. .

The discredited Dumbfuckistan was a subject of a previous blog.

The Left Attacks Gun Rights Fast & Fuhrer-iously

The subject of the article usually indicates a possible origin of the troll. The Obamabots main mission is to never have the subject about Obama. The teaparty is the main target of the online propaganda machine. Obamabots like SPAMISTAN  use limited propaganda techniques. The repetition of their disinformation is key to controlling the narrative. Never accept their false premises in a debate. It is the most common technique. It will start with 'So what you are really saying' Control the narrative.

"You aren't that good with your propaganda thing, are you, Spamistan…" — BoogieFinger

I recommend finding an appropriate image to reply with.
As a last resort, I use .my agree to disagree video.


Update photo Sept 22- After pointing out the sockpuppetry to Spamistan, 'fopeyducker' is gone and now we have......

Obamabots on the hill

Obamabot #Sockstars Arbar

Update September 25  2013, Sockpuppet identity crisis

Busting a muppet

 "#sockstars" — BoogieFinger

"When Quack Medicine Man isn't claiming to be a writer for the Daily KOS in one post or a disabled…" — BoogieFinger

Update  9/30/2013  neoconhater 
"Nice double down on the drivel and LIES #Obamabot. Thanks for admitting now, that they do accept…" — BoogieFinger
New Video Update 10/4/2013

Updated 05/21/2014 Below.....