Saturday, February 2, 2013

Progressive Placement of Propaganda is Priceless

 Can you Tell the Obama Campaign called Obama for America is now Organizing for Action?
I have noticed a change in the chatter on social media and the migration pattern of the leftist trolls. Even better than troll hunting on Twitter is looking for the BIG LIE in letters to the editor or comment sections of news articles.  
I include a perfect example of a BIG LIE as a  'letter to the editor'

Letter to the editor:

Gun control is not working in NYC

I found the column by Joe Nocera, “Last week’s gun news,” very interesting.
No one argues that people kill others with guns. Unfortunately, it happens too frequently in this country.
Are more restrictions the answer? Not if you use New York City as an example. The article stated that the city broke a nine-day murder-free streak last week.
Nine days murder-free doesn’t sound that long to me, especially when you consider that, since 1911, New York state has some of the most restrictive gun control laws.
It is almost impossible for anyone in New York City to obtain a license to carry a concealed weapon, and yet this city has always had one of the highest murder rates in the country.
Gun control is obviously not working there, so why should we think that’s the answer for the rest of the country?
Seems to me that we’re grasping at straws in thinking that gun control will solve the problem.
We need a better solution to this awful heritage.

Update 02/07/2013 : My comment and link to the bloomberg video below has been deleted from the comment section after calling out 'samspeaks'. 
How could the letter be printed/posted and be so wrong?  Watch:
Bloomberg anounces 2012 Record LOW Murder Rate
Cuomo Pushes Progressive Platitudes on Gun Control

The left does not represent truth, only their agenda

The propaganda of the left is everywhere in the liberal media.