Thursday, January 31, 2013

Leftist's "A FireHose of Hate " @ #TGDN Is ALL WET

Right Wing Hashtags of Hate Versus Progressive Prose of Propaganda at little green footballs

Leave it up to the leftists to manufacture MEMES and FEIGN some Outrage. This following  "piece of journalism" appeared at little green footballs   Cut and paste a bunch of tweets from a new 'right wing'  #hashtag as a story?  It must have the Obama For America  D.B.A.  Organizing for Action theme-team working overtime. Yes a perpetual campaign from a second term FAILED president, that is what leaders do. NO, that is what DIVIDERS do.   The recurring theme of  the left is deception, distraction and disinformation  Here it is a

"Firehose of Hate against the President of the United States"

And see my contribution to the HATE at #TGDN

And my Hateful Video:

Can't Stand the Hate? Well, I can't stand Obama's LIES and the leftist propagandists and apologists running cover. 

Barack Obama doesn't have to tell the truth. The left doesn't dwell in facts or truths, and never hold their own to any standards. . The LEFT is the ANTI-TRUTH. 

All Leftists are KOOL-AID Drinkers and INFEST the Media. There is no doubt the media is LEFT.

On a Scale of 1, and the high number meaning false, I rate the LGF story: