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MN Secretary Of State Mark Ritchie- Against ID, For Widespread Fraud

State worker accused of drivers license, Social Security fraud

by Tom Lyden by Shelby Capacio Posted: Jul 16, 2012 9:00 PM CDT Updated: Jul 16, 2012 9:08 PM CDT State worker accused of drivers license, Social Security fraud

"One day after the FOX 9 Investigators reported that as many as 24,000 Minnesota drivers licenses may be frauds, a state employee working in Secretary of State Mark Ritchie's department appeared in court to face charges that she fraudulently obtained a drivers license and housing assistance.

Democrat Farm Labor- Long Time Lefty Mark Ritchie
A federal indictment was unsealed on Monday, revealing that a 53-year-old Woodbury woman who works as an administrative assistant in the Secretary of State's Office has been accused of using an alternate identity to receive more than $18,000 in low-income housing help from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development."

Who is this Lady and what ways did she use her new Identity?
"The charging documents say Oluremi George, a native of Nigeria and naturalized citizen, lied about her income and used the fraudulent Social Security number four times between 2008 and 2011, and she also obtained a drivers license in 2009.
Prosecutors claim George also previously submitted a passport application under the name Ayoola with the fraudulent Social Security number in July of 2007."
 Did She Vote?
"FOX 9 News checked to see if Victoria Ayoola had voted in recent elections, and it appears that she did; however, she did not use her legitimate identity to vote. "

Where else does this lead?
 Investigators: 10,000 Minn. drivers licenses canceled in possible fraud

ST. PAUL, Minn. (KMSP) -
"For an identity thief, a legitimate, valid Minnesota driver's license under an assumed name is the Holy Grail.
Get one of these you have it made: credit card and mortgage fraud. Get stopped by a cop, hop on an airplane, no problem.
And while we may think a driver's license is the gold standard for identity, come to find out there are tens of thousands of very real DLs for very fake people."

 What could possibly happen on Mark Ritchie's watch?
"Of these 24,000 driver's licenses, about 10,000 have been canceled. Beyond that, not much else has been done. Not a single name has been given yet to the Department of Human Services to check for welfare or food stamp fraud, and no names have been given or the Secretary of State to check against the voter rolls.
And what about criminal prosecution? Well, that is a very good question.
"All I can say we've referred 5,500 cases to an agency who can take any action necessary," Neville said.
But the state won't say which law enforcement agency, and the FOX 9 Investigators could only find a handful of prosecutions.
Those include people like Edward Sistrunk, aka Antonio Andolini, convicted last month for mail fraud and identity theft. He had state ID cards and Minnesota driver's licenses under at least nine different names.
Under one identity alone he got 10,381 in benefits from Hennepin County Human Services and another $1,190 in housing assistance from Anoka County. He used those real IDs to get credit cards, counterfeit checks, and even other IDs in South Dakota."

Same day voter registration fraud and the Sec of State
 "According to MN Secretary of State information, after the 2008 presidential election, about 26,000 postal verification cards sent to same day voter registrants were returned as undeliverable…no such person or no such address. Meantime, their votes were cast and counted! In total, during the 2008 calendar year, about 38,000 were returned as undeliverable." Exposing Our Vote, Our Future’s misinformation campaign 

Voter ID - Recommended by the Carter-Ford Commission & Long Overdue
 Mark Ritchie currently has used his power of Secretary of State to change the ballot title to 2 Amendments to the State Constitution.  He altered the title to the Voter ID Amendment, which he opposes, and the Marriage is between a man and woman Amendment. He also opposes it. As mentioned in the previous blog, the Governor Dayton, his family and influential friends  have given the most to oppose the Marriage Amendment.

  Mn State Statute

        Subdivision 1. Titles for constitutional amendments. The secretary of state shall provide an appropriate title for each question printed on the pink ballot. The title shall be approved by the attorney general, and shall consist of not more than one printed line above the question to which it refers. At the top of the ballot just below the heading, a conspicuous notice shall be printed stating that a voter’s failure to vote on a constitutional amendment has the effect of a negative vote.
        Subd. 2. Repealed, 1997 c 147 s 79
        Subd. 3. Sample pink ballot. Four weeks before the state general election the secretary of state shall file sample copies of the pink ballot in the secretary of state’s office for public inspection. Three weeks before the state general election the secretary of state shall mail sample copies of the pink ballot to each county auditor. Each auditor shall post the sample ballot in a conspicuous place in the auditor’s office. 204D.15 PINK BALLOT; FORM; DISTRIBUTION; SAMPLE BALLOT.--Subdivision 1. Titles for constitutional amendments.

*The statute clearly applies to a question WITHOUT a Title, not a power to SUBSTITUTE a Title* 

Marriage Amendment Lawsuit-Minnesota for Marriage

It is now time for Mark Ritchie to step down and the FBI and Federal Election Commission to investigate the Secretary of States Office and to monitor the next election. ( R) Norm Coleman won on election day by 215 votes in 2008 but lost by 312 votes to Al Franken after recount. Just another example of the 'friend of the New Party'  Mark Ritchie's meddling in elections

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