Friday, July 7, 2017

Politifact's Laughable 'Fact Check' After NY Times Retraction

Without any further introduction, Poltifact summed up in their own tweet.

Fact check: At this point, what difference do the numbers make?  That seems to sound a lot like the candidate they basically supported in the last election, Hillary Clinton.  

Maybe we should listen to James Clapper, The former Director of National Intelligence. 

After the NY Times buries their correction, Politifact has to pretend that the number doesn't really matter because of the moderate confidence in the assessment.

Strange how Poltifact is echoing the New York Times as the truth, NOT James Clapper ?

One of the most important things to remember about the whole Trump Russia collusion narrative was one FACT. It was ALWAYS A LIE REPEATED BY THE DEMOCRATS.  A lie meant to sabotage Trump's presidency all the while heightening tensions with Russia with sanctions and more. Let the Senator from Iowa Explain:

Should you find it odd that the DNC never turned their 'hacked server' over to the FBI for examination?

What about the murder of the DNC leaker Seth Rich ?

A tweet that ages well .......

The Russians did it? Still drinking the Democrat Kool Aid?